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 Category: Rum    Place of Origin: UK 

Made In Secret | Drunk In Style | Quality Spiced Caribbean Rum

Cunningly and slyly is how the Sly Dog rolls , fabulous Jamaican blended rum that will blow your mind. It’s unique, it’s delicious, it’s sublime. I prefer my special Waldos Sly Dog Rum over ice but it is also the quintessential spirit of the summer or a memory of that Caribbean beach , fruity, laid back, and seriously drinkable! Grab a bottle of rum and make a myriad of drinks, from the Mr Waldos daiquiri or the Mrs Waldos pina colada! Who let the ( Sly) Dogs out!

our rum

Sly Dog Spiced Rum - Waldos Drinks
Sly Dog Spiced Rum - Waldos Drinks

Sly Dog Spiced Rum

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