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Category: cachaça   Place of Origin: rio de janeiro, brasil

Socio-Environmental Preservation | Unique Flavour | Sustainable Process

Pindorama Cachaça - Waldos Drinks
Pindorama Cachaça - Waldos Drinks

Pindorama Cachaça



 unique Mr. Waldo’s spirit, Waldo discovered this tremendous Brazilian Cachaca on a mad dash through Rio de Janeiro. A cachaca original in style and elegance capturing Brazilian history.

Combining exotic 16th century Africa with sultry Portuguese smells and colorful native influences the oils from this sugar cane are completely natural, free from the rubbish of the 21st century. My dear friends you are drinking history and making cocktails that will astonish!

Caipirinha, caipirinha… Make mine a large one!

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