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 Category: Gin    Place of Origin: Lima, Peru

Handcrafted from Grape to Glass | Blended With Andean Spring Water| For the Adventurous Mind…

London to Lima - Gin - Waldos Drinks
London to Lima - Gin - Waldos Drinks

London to Lima - Gin


Born on a quest to Peru, deep in the Amazon jungles, high in the Andes mountains and along the Pacific rim, this stunning gin blended with Andean glacial spring water from the summits of the Cordillera Blanca. Once upon a time I discovered the Quebranta grape after one too many Piscos as it happens! The rest is history, a gin was born! London to Lima Gin goes particularly well in a Leche de Tigre. Why settle for a Bloody Mary in Peru when you can have the ultimate Wild Tigers Milk on the edge of the legendary Titicaca lake. Just don’t fall in its pretty darn cold!

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