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Category: Whiskey    Place of Origin: Calry, Ireland

Limited Edition | 14 Year Old Single Malt | Matured and Finished in The Finest Casks

Picture-perfect Sligo’s majestic mountains, rolling fields and rugged coastlines form the backdrop to the Lough Gill Distillery. Immortalized in poetry and famed for its scenery, surfing and warm hospitality, and of course its most famous whisky, my, my Mr. Waldo is waxing lyrical again! I've managed to secure a few oak barrels at a rather good price. Possibly the closest you will get to a slice of Irish heaven at a down to earth price!"

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Browse through my wonderful emporium of drinks from the far corners of the world which I have collected while on my travels. From Gin from the African Savannah to Vodka from the Australian outback, you’re sure to be amazed…

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