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 Category: Rum   Place of Origin: Cornwall, UK 🇬🇧

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My Name is William Waldo explorer extraordinaire …. Turn up the volume , this is a Waldos partyfavourite , 8Track’s pumping bassline is a fine Guyanan rum distilled from native sugar canemolasses, blended with an 8-year old vintage rum from Barbados. The rums are infused withnatural botanicals and spices: Seville oranges, vanilla, cloves, ginger and cinnamon, to create asmoothly balanced, fine-tuned and zesty spirit –delicious on the rocks, with a mixer or as the baseof your favourite cocktail.Tune in and tune out to the sounds , smells and tastes of Barbados.

Our rum

8 Track Spiced Rum - Waldos Drinks
8 Track Spiced Rum - Waldos Drinks

8 Track Spiced Rum

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